Consignment sale

In short: we sell your car for you.

The sales cycle of a classic car is long, sometimes very long (months). That is why we propose that you take the burden of advertisements, telephones, missed appointments and promises that have not been honored off your shoulders and sell your car for you. All this at a correct price (no costs), within a reasonable time and with a minimum of effort. The process is simple and effective.

You bring your car (or we collect it), we draw up a statement and a contract for sale. The car is stored with us and is always kept "ready for sale". We sell the car for you, after delivery and handling you receive the agreed sum. What are the advantages?

Return quickly: Your car can be gone tomorrow and your garage is free.
Safe: you know how and where your car is parked.
Carefree: all you have to do is bring the car or have it picked up.
International and targeted advertisement and publicity for your car.
: No cure no pay, no storage costs, etc.
Your car is offered purposefully and is visible to all candidates

buyers who visit us (physically and on the internet).

Why should I bring my car?

Every classic car is unique. The trick is to present it to the interested person in the right way at the right time. That is where the power of Vintage Garage lies. thanks to our many years of experience, we have an extensive network in the old-timer world so that we know perfectly which car can be offered where and to whom.

Consignment sale

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