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Worn a part? Had a small accident? All repairs and replacements are made according to the specifications of the car with original parts.

We can guarantee complete and partial restorations of your beloved old-timer. Everything is meticulously photographed and documented so that you also have a clear insight into the work done. All unexpected matters are always discussed together before action is taken. That way you will never be confronted with surprises.

Our general terms and conditions apply to all repairs.


Both major and minor maintenance can be done for you. You can even wait for your car in our updated waiting room. This is possible for any maintenance on Porsche, Jaguar and Mercedes. Our general terms and conditions apply to every maintenance.


Professional cleaning of your car, both inside and outside, but also the bottom and under the hood. Eliminating small scratches, paint imperfections and spray mist are also possible. Your car will look like new!


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